Rule 25SA Automatic Bilge Pump 500GPH

Jabsco Rule

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Rule 25SA Jabsco Automatic Bilge Pump 500GPH 

The Jabsco Rule 25SA 500 series automatic submersible bilge pump with 750mm cable eliminates the need for a separate float switch to activate the pump. Once power is supplied to the bilge pump, starting and stopping is completely automatic.
The Rule automatic bilge pump turns on and checks for water every 2 1/2 minutes, during this check the pump runs for approximately 1/2 a second and checks for resistance or drag against the impeller. If resistance is encountered, it will run until the water is no longer present. Thereafter the automatic bilge pump resumes the 2 1/2 minute check cycle. The automatic bilge pump can be started at any time by turning the power off; waiting 5 seconds and then turning the power back on. The pump will start immediately and pump until the water is removed.
The Rule automatic submersible bilge pump is a lightweight, compact pump with a tough plastic body and integral strainer. The automatic bilge pump features two leads, an automatic (brown) and a manual override (brown with a white stripe). The quick-release strainer allows for rapid cleaning of the submersible bilge pump internal components.