Evinrude Triple Guard Grease 508298

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Triple Guard Grease is Ideal for friction surfaces. Not Only does Triple-Guard lubricate it also stays in place, resisting vibration, cold temperature, and other influences.

  • Stays put under high vibration. Won't be thrown off by engine or boat vibration
  • Prevents corrosion. Forms protective coat - even in salt water
  • Repels water. Will not mix with water and loose lubrication quality
  • Waterproof salt waterproof. Will not wash away under normal marine applications
  • Will not swell seals, packing, O-rings, etc.
  • Holds up in weather extremes. Lubricates at cold temperatures
  • Compatible with other products. can be used in conjunction with other greases
  • Maintains Stability. Will not break down or loose consistency