Lalizas Child Life Jacket Chico 100N


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Chico 100N child life jacket provides an improved fit and maximum safety for your child. A large flotation collar supports the child's head, while the small size also features a fabric pampers and a crotch strap for greater safety. Its foam distribution provides quick turn and face properly out of the water.


It includes one webbing fastener, whistle, plastic zip and SOLAS retro reflective tapes. An end rope with plastic button is fixed at the end of each lifejacket for adjustable wearing. Approved to the latest European standards for 100 Newton lifejackets, ISO 12402-4.


All of its raw materials are certified per ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402 -8, for higher strength, quality and durability. It is available in 2 sizes.


How to select the right

- Keep always in mind to purchase an approved child's life jacket. LALIZAS child life jackets are approved under the ISO 12402-4 and 12402-3 standards.

- When purchasing a life jacket for your child, make sure that after fastening the clasps and securing the straps, it fits properly.

- Because a life jacket is based on it's buoyancy, it must be chosen based on the weight of the child and not the chest size.


Before being on board

- You should test the life jacket by having your child wear it in shallow water and always under your supervision.

- Make sure that it fits the body well and turns the head above the water. If it doesn't, return it and purchase a different one.

- You could prompt your child to swim with it's life jacket so that you can check how it will respond and act in the water.


How They Work

The most important feature of every child life jacket is to prevent a child from drowning by keeping the child's face and head above the water. Most child life jackets also acquire a strap that goes between the legs and fastens to the jacket so that it doesn't ride up or slip off while the child is in the water.


Last but not least, make sure to teach your children how to put on their life jacket and be sure to comply with any obligatory laws.