Racor Fuel Filter - S3213

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Racor S3213 Fuel Filter

Also Known as Racor Fuel Water Separator

Replacement genuine Racor S3213 element for Quicksilver filtration. This spin-on element is suitable for Racor B32013 fuel filters. The S3213 element also fits Yamaha, Suzuki, SMI, Volvo Penta, Sierra, Aqua Power, and other filter heads. This is a high-capacity filter element for outboard applications.

Never compromise the effectiveness of your Racor Fuel Filter / Water Separator. Always insist on genuine Racor spin-on elements, with Aqua bloc water-repelling properties. Only genuine Racor elements will ensure that your Racor filter performs as Racor designed it to. Don't leave it to chance.

Racor elements are colour coded: Brown "S" is 2 Microns, Blue "T" is 10 Microns, and Red "P" is 30 Microns.

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