Talamex Inflatable Boat Aqualine 250 Slatted 85909050

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Talamex Inflatable Boat Aqualine 250 Slatted
The ideal tenderboatDe Talamex Aqualine QLS with slatted floor is a boat without an inflatable keel. The boat is quickly ready to go and can be packed conveniently. Thanks to the slatted floor, the boat is easy to roll up and light in weight. This makes launching very easy. The QLS-Slatted floor is very suited for shorter sailing trips or as tenderboat.
Type : QLS250, Max. load weight kg : 350, Max. motor in kW : 3,7, Max. motor in hp : 5, Max. persons (+1=child) : 2 + 1, Nr. of air chambers : 3, Length cm : 250, Width cm : 152, Tube Ø cm : 41, Weight incl. paddles kg : 23,4

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