Talamex Inflatable Boat Aqualine 270 Alu 85909470

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Talamex Inflatable Boat Aqualine 270 Alu
Robust and comfortThe Talamex Aqualine QLX boat with aluminium floor is also equiPPed with an inflatable keel. Because of the keel, the boat has a V-shape bottom, that gives the boat excellent sailing and rowing charasteristics. The aluminium floor ensures great firmness and stability and is maintenance-free. This boat is well suited to hang in the davits and as holiday boat. The aluminium floor takes more time to built then an air floor boat.
Type : QLX270, Max. load weight kg : 410, Max. motor in kW : 4,4, Max. motor in hp : 6, Max. persons (+1=child) : 3, Nr. of air chambers : 3 + 1, Length cm : 270, Width cm : 152, Tube Ø cm : 42, Weight incl. paddles kg : 40

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