Talamex Talamex Greenline Gls 160 Slatted 85911060


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Talamex Talamex Greenline Gls 160 Slatted
Small, yet bigDe Talamex Greenline GLS is a boat without an inflatalbe keel and develoPPed to be ready to sail quickly and can be packed small so it can be transported easily. Despite the small size of 160cm, the boat has - thanks to the transom placed far behind - more interior space than other boats in its class. Also, the boat is very light weight which makes launching very easy.
Type : GLS160, Max. load weight kg : 200, Max. motor in kW : 1,8, Max. motor in hp : 2,5, Max. persons (+1=child) : 1, Nr. of air chambers : 3, Length cm : 160, Width cm : 131, Tube Ø cm : 36, Weight incl. paddles kg : 18