Talamex Launching Wheel Set - 85.540.174

Sale price£216.95

Talamex Launching Wheel Set

Lightweight aluminium transport wheels set with pneumatic tyres suitable for inflatable boats, small polyester or aluminium boats. The height is simply telescopic adjustable in 4 different heights of 57,5cm to 77,5cm measured from the heart of the pivot point to the bottom of the wheel on the ground. The wheels are also very easy to fold up and under by a spring-loaded locking pin.

Also the on-and-down swing can be done in 4 different modes (2 up, 2 down) so that the set is also very well applicable to non exact vertical mirrors or mirrors with excellent parts. The whole stand with wheel can easily be conducted by means of pulling out a secure hinge pin, so no tools needed. Technical specifications: Maximum load: 120 kg. Air band size: 4,1 / 3,5 x 6"Length adjustable from: 57,5cm to 77,5cmDelivery including contra plates, bolts, washers and lock nuts for mirror mounting.

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