BRP Fuel Stabilizer 2+4 Fuel Conditioner (473ML)

Sale price£28.95

Genuine BRP Fuel Stabilizer for all outboards.

Concentrate formula as used in our workshop, this product not only stabilizes your fuel but conditions it, whether you are using it in everyday life to control the Ethanol fuels available to us now or winterizing your pride and Joy.

Evinrude Fuel Stabilizer is guaranteed to stabilize your fuel for 1 year as well as dissolve varnish and Gum in your fuel system including carburettors, fuel injectors extending spark plug life.

  • For operational use add 30 ml (1 oz ) to every 5 gallons 18.92 Litres
  • For Storage use 30 ml (1 oz) to every 9.46 Litre ( 2.5 Gallons)

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