Exocet Petrol Fuel Additive Classic - 200ml

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A fuel additive explicitly formulated for cars and other petrol-engine vehicles initially designed to run on leaded fuel.


In older, high-speed gasoline engines, exhaust valves and the surfaces they rest on (the valve seats) operate at elevated temperatures and with severe mechanical stresses. Under these high-speed conditions and to a lesser extent at high load, and in the absence of special protection of the valve seat, it has been found that the material of the valve seat can be eroded away i.e. “recede” into the cylinder head. In extreme cases, this can cause lower compression, poor fuel economy, high- and poor-quality emissions and mechanical problems. Compounds formed by the combustion of Exocet Classic inhibit valve seat recession by forming a thin, non-metallic layer of oxides and sulphates on the surface of the seat. This acts as a lubricant, preventing metal-metal contact and the resultant welding which causes valve seat recession.

200ml treats two hundred litres 

Benefits & Features

Reduces the ‘pinking’ tendency of petrol Inhibits valve seat recession Provides octane increase regular fuel grades Lead replacement add

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