Exocet Petrol Fuel Additive Supreme - 200ml

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Exocet® Petrol Supreme is used to upgrade BS EN 228 unleaded petrol into a premium quality fuel equivalent to the highest forecourt standard available.


Many petrol users now want to take advantage of the low price of ‘supermarket’ fuel but may be unsure as to its provenance or quality. Furthermore, a number of people are concerned about the increased use of ethanol as a bio-component of petrol. The use of Exocet® Petrol Supreme ensures that any concerns over fuel quality are eliminated and that even branded fuel is top treated to achieve much-enhanced performance.

200ml treats 280 litres 

Benefit & Features

Cleans up and keeps clean fuel injectors Improves driveability and throttle response Increases fuel economy Contains an octane booster to reduce ‘pinking’ potential Controls combustion chamber deposit build-up Reduces unwanted emissions Protects against ethanol-based corrosion

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