Butane Gas Fitting Hose - Various Length

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Butane Gas Hose Pigtail w/ M20 Fitting

For uses with central regulator or changeover.

This Butane Pigtail gas hose features a durable design with a convenient hand wheel M20 fitting. The perfect solution for connecting your butane tank to your gas appliance with ease. Ensure a safe and efficient gas flow with this high-quality pigtail hose.

This butane pigtail hose is designed for reliable and long-lasting use. The hand wheel M20 fitting adds convenience to the already durable design, making it easy to connect your butane tank to your gas appliance. Maintain a steady and safe gas flow with this top-quality pigtail hose.

Part number: G827

A Butane Pigtail, with M20 nut fitting to connect directly to a fixed Euro Caravan Regulator.

w/ M20 Fitting for Central. Regulator or Changeover

Available in 450mm, 750mm or 1500mm 

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