Hypalon Adhesive Glue 1 Pack

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Hypalon Adhesive Glue Polymarine

Inflatable Boat Adhesive. * Solvent based polychloroprene rubber glue giving high strength bonds, particularly suitable for emergency repair of inflatable boats, RIBs and Dinghies.

* Will bond natural rubber, polychloroprene, butyl, nitrile, Hypalon and polyurethane rubber materials, leather.

Please note – not for use on plasticised PVC

* Excellent resistance to heat, saltwater and humidity

* Easy to use as a single part glue for quick and temporary repairs

* Use Polymarine 2903 PVC/HYPALON solvent – as a Primer and cleaner.

Polymarine 2 part adhesives are recommended for larger and permanent repairs

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