Hypalon Inflatable Boat Adhesive

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Hypalon Adhesive Glue 2 part 


250 ml tin supplied with a 10ml bottle of A3695B. Solvent-based polychloroprene rubber adhesive gives high strength bonds when used in conjunction with A3695B curing agent; particularly suitable for manufacture and repair of inflatable boats.


  1. Mix adhesive with a curative  (ratio 25-1), stir well
  2. Ensure surfaces are dry and abrade well
  3. Brush a thin coat on both surfaces, allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes
  4. Apply a second thin coat to both surfaces, leave for 5 minutes or until tacky.
  5. Bring surfaces together with as much pressure as possible.


Store between +5°C and 25°C

Mixed pot life 4 hours

Curing time 48 hours

Maximum bond strength 7 days

Clean brush with Polymarine solvent 2903 or Acetone.



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