Loncin Water Pump

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1" General Pump LC25ZB21-1.2Q - 1"

Why do you need a water pump? Water pumps are a useful tool for a variety of residential, light commercial and agricultural tasks. A water pump is ideal for: - Draining water from a basement - Draining and filling your swimming pool, pond or hot tub - Draining shallow flooded areas - Irrigation purposes for agricultural or lawn sprinkling - Distributing fertilizers and pesticides - Various other tasks including construction purposes

Our 1" Pump is Ideal as a back up pump light weight and versatile and ready to go at any time. The four stroke engine at 1.6 HP provides plenty of power to deal with those unexpected emergencies or just general daily work 

Diameter of Discharge Port 25 mm
Diameter of Suction Port 25 mm
Lift  21 Meters
Delivery Volume (litres/h) 8000
Engine Model LC152F
Displacement cc 97
Net Power HP 1.6
Rated Speed RPM 3600
Dimensions (mm} 300 x 300 x 370
Weight (kg) 13

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