Manual Bilge Pump Through Deck/Bulkhead, Whale Gusher Titan

Sale price£116.67
Removable Handle Yes
Maximum Pump Head 2.3 to 4.27 Metres
Maximum Suction Lift 4 Meters (13.5 Feet)
Maximum Recommended Head 4 Meters (13.5 Feet)
Flow Rate at 70 Strokes per Minute 105 LPM (27.5 US GPH)
Flow Rate at 45 Strokes per Minute 67 LPM (17.5 US GPM)
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Mounting [Filter] Through Deck
Brand Whale
Series Gusher Titan
Model BP4410
Application Bilge or Waste Water
Approvals Suitable as a primary bilge pump on boats equal to or greater than 12m (40ft) in accordance with ISO150831
Height Pump Body: 193mm
Width Body: 237mm
Length 482mm
Warranty 5 Years

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