Quicksilver 2-4-C Marine Grease

Sale price£13.95

Quicksilver 2-4-C marine grease is a high quality, versatile lithium-based, NLGI 2 grease that won’t break down when mixed with water.

This grease provides superior lubrication and protection for marine equipment. The unique formula is designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

Trust in this high-quality marine grease for all your boating needs.

It also has: 

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and degradation 
  • Extreme pressure additives to withstand friction in a wide variety of operations and temperatures 
  • For use in the following marine applications: 
  • Steering systems/cable linkages 
  • Throttle and shift cables and linkages 
  • Remote Controls 
  • Prop Shafts 
  • Swivel Pins 
  • Tilt lock mechanisms/tilt tube 
  • Hinge Pins 
  • Boat trailer wheel bearings

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