Seago Lifejacket 165 Newtons

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Seago Seaguard 165 Newtons Lifejacket 

The Seaguard 165 Newtons is an acclaimed, lightweight lifejacket with a comfortably-fitted round neck shape. It's streamlined construction and adjustable fit make it popular with users, and it's currently available in three colours and a special cloth-clean version. Comfort and lightness combine to make this lifejacket one of the most sought-after models, with two Newton levels (165 and 300) to choose from. Rely on its abrasion-resistant cover, newly-developed clasps, single buckle strap, and lightweight D-ring for an all-around solution.

Newtons: 165

Firing Mechanism: Auto, Manual

Features: Velcro

 We also sell the replacement gas cannisters for these lifejackets.

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