Suzuki DF2.5hp Carburettor (2006+) - 13200-97J41

Sale price£94.95

Genuine Suzuki carburettor for DF2.5hp engines (2006 onwards).

Another variant with bigger jets is made for later engines, this is still compatible, however we strongly advise against fitting the older carb on newer engines, for the newest carb for engines 2015 onwards, click here.

Experience smoother engine performance with the Suzuki Carburettor for DF2.5 Models. This genuine part is specially designed for the small Suzuki outboard motor and features the newest technology for improved fuel spacing and air and fuel mixture. Enjoy smooth sailing with a genuine Suzuki DF2.5 carburettor.

Part number: 13200-97J41

Replaces: 13200-97J40

If you're unsure whether this fits your engine, feel free to contact us and we will find whats right for your inboard/outboard.

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