Suzuki Outboard Service Kit for DF2.5hp Engines (12~ )

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Suzuki Outboard Service Kit

We offer a variety of Suzuki Outboard service kits

Suzuki Outboards have taken time to put together their range of outboard service kits, which cover most parts required to complete your Suzuki outboard service.

This kit contains:

  • 09482-00406-000, Spark Plug CR6HSA. x 1 
  • 17461-97MM0-000, Impeller. x 1 
  • 09204-03003-000, Cotter Pin. x 1 
  • 09168-10022-000, Gasket 10x17x1.5. x 1 
  • 59178-97J00-000, Drain Plug Gasket. x 2 
  • 55321-87J01-000, Anode Protection. x 1 
  • 09280-33005-000, O-Ring. x 1 
  • 09202-02006-000, Pin. x 1 
  • 17471-97JL0-000, Under Panel. x 1 
  • 17472-97JL0-000, Gasket. x 1

If you are unsure whether this fits your engine feel free to contact us and we will help you find what you need.

Part number: 17400-97810-000

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