Suzuki Outboard Service Kit for DF325-DF350 HP

Sale price£298.95

Genuine Suzuki maintenance kit for Suzuki 325 - 350hp four stroke outboards (2018 onwards)

This service kit was formed by Suzuki themselves to ensure you get the correct parts for your engine to remain maintained.

This kit includes the following:

Water Pump Repair Kit: 17400-98L02 x 1
Gasket: 09168-10034 x 3
Gasket: 09168-12012 x 1
Pin: 09204-03003 x 1
O-ring: 09280-22019 x 7
Spark plug: 09482-00642 x 6
Fuel filter: 15412-93J10 x 1
Oil filter: 16510-96J10 x 1
Anode Set: 55320-94900 x 1
Protection Anode: 55321-87J01 x 7

This kit does not include any lubricants.

Picture is for generic reference.

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