Talamex Sup 9,6"" F Series 10CM" 85912911


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Talamex Sup 9,6"" F Series 10CM"
This board is shorter and wider than our allround SUP. This makes it suitable for wilder waters like open sea or rivers. Thanks to the wider and shorter board you can make sharper turns. Under more extreme circumstances with this board, control and stability are easier to reach. This SUP has 2 fixed and 1 removable fin.
"""""SUP 9.6"""" F SERIES 10CM"""
Dim. LxBxH cm : 293 x 85 x 10, Weight kg : 11,6, Carrying capacity : ca. 90kg, Buoyancy : ca. 145l, Pressure max : 20psi, Pressure normal : 15psi