Truma Ultraflow Caravan Water Pump Assembly

Sale price£69.99

Truma Ultraflow Water Pump Assembly for Caravans

The Ultraflow Pump Assembly is an ergonomic and convenient alternative that allows you to fill your vehicle with water from external sources like Aquaroll or Waterhog.

This pump is submersible and uses 12V of power, reaching an estimated flow rate of 16L/min. It is equipped with a trigger pistol head that fits perfectly inside the Truma casing. To operate, simply submerge the pump into a full Aquaroll or Waterhog and activate the switch or the caravan tap.

  • It connects conveniently with your Aquaroll or Waterhog
  • Compatible with both the Ultraflow Filter Housing and the Ultraflow Compact Housing.
  • 800mm tube length
  • Part no: 46040-01

12V power supply required, fits Truma socket.

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