Yamaha Anode 65W-45251-00

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Yamaha Outboard Anode 65W-45251-00

Genuine Yamaha Outboard Anode 65W-45251-00

This Anode is commonly used on a lot of outboards, two stroke and four stroke

Fits Yamaha four stroke FT8D,FT8G,FT9.9D,FT9.9G,FT9.9L,F25A,F15C,F20A,F20B,F20D,


FT50C, F50D, F50F, FT50G, F50H, FT50J, F60A, FT60B, F60C, FT60D, F60F, FT60G, F70A

If you are not sure please contact us with engine serial number

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