Yamaha Outboard Anode - 6G5-45251-02

Sale price£30.95

Genuine Yamaha outboard anode 6G5-45251-02 (Bracket anode)

Yamaha Anodes are made to suit their product line up. 

It is important to keep your anode clean for it to function properly, cleaning the anode with a small wire brush should be part of your maintenance routine and above all, anodes should not be painted.

This fits the following Yamaha engines:

100A, 115B, 115C, 130B, 140A, 140B, 150A, 150C, 150F, 150G, D150H, 175A, 175B, 175D, 175F, 200A, 200B, 200C, ProV 200, 200F, 200G, 225A, 225D, 225F, 225G, 250A, 250B, 250G, Z150P,Z175G, Z175H, Z200N, Z200P, Z250D, Z250F, Z300A, F80C, F100B, F115A, F150A, F150B, F150D, F200A, F200C, F225A, F225B, F225C, F225F, F250A, F250B, F250D, F300A, F300B, F350.

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