Yamalube 2-M Two Stroke Oil - 1 Litre

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Yamaha Two Stroke Oil 2-M TCW3-RL

Special mineral-based 2 - stroke oil suitable for use as a pre-mix or for direct oil injection in modern marine engines.

This high-quality formulation has been developed, rigorously tested and approved by Yamaha Motor Engineers 

  • Very advanced formulas provide anti-wear protection and prevent binding
  • Sludge prevention keeps the engine clean, particularly exhaust ports and pistons
  • Outstanding  anti-rust and corrosion capability to protect the engine
  • Low exhaust smoke levels - burns without leaving sticky deposits 
  • Reduces spark plug fouling,  ring-sticking and pre-ignition
  • Designed for high temperatures and pressures of modern engines 
  • Suitable for: Outboard engines and Wave runners 

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