Yamalube® Fully Synthetic 5W-30 - 4 Litres

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Yamalube 5W-30 is a premium performance oil for high performance 4-stroke outboard engines. Its unique marine formula is designed to match the performance of all Yamaha 4-stroke outboards, but is especially suited to the Yamaha VMAX SHO, F70 and V6 offshore models.

  • Unique Marine Formula makes it compatible for the engines with catalysts or exhaust gas treatment devices
  • Provides excellent fuel economy as compared to the majority of engine oils in the market
  • Powerful anti-oxidant action to protect and keep the engine parts clean
  • Unique corrosion inhibitor protects the vital engine parts in the marine environment, both in running and idle conditions
  • However, works also very well in other Yamaha 4-stroke Outboard Engines - such as the V6 Off-shore and F70 models - as well as any other marine sterndrive engines
  • Keeps the engine ultra-clean and preserves its power
  • FC-W Catalyst Compatible™ – Issued in 2009 by NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association)
  • Suitable for: Outboard Engines & WaveRunner

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